Download your favorite short-form social media videos without watermark !

Tik Downloader is a powerful Chrome extension that makes it easy to download your favorite short-form social media videos. Whether you're a content creator, a social media manager, or just a fan of social media platform, our extension allows you to save videos for offline viewing or to use in your own campaigns.

The Essential Tool for Downloading short-form social media videos

Tik Downloader seamlessly integrates with the social media's desktop UI, making it quick and easy to download your favorite videos without leaving the platform. Save time and effort with our user-friendly extension.

Download short-form social media videos like a pro: Access watermark-free downloads with Tik Downloader

You can unlock the ability to download short-form social media videos without any watermarks. This allows you to use the videos for your own purposes, such as creating compilations, or just enjoying them without any distracting branding.

Tik Downloader download without watermark UI example

Download short-form social media videos your way: Choose from bulk or manual selection to save videos from any profile with Tik Downloader

Tik Downloader provides flexibility in downloading short-form social media videos from any profile. You can choose to download videos manually selected from the profile, the first 10 or 25 first videos, download all or use a date picker selection the videos on the profile in bulk. Whatever your preference, Tik Downloader makes it easy to save the videos you love.

Tik Downloader profile UI example

Save short-form social media videos for later inspiration: Download from your feed with Tik Downloader

With Tik Downloader, you can easily download videos from your feed to save and watch later for inspiration. Never miss a video that sparks your creativity or curiosity!

Tik Downloader feed UI example

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Vanessa Valedon

Absolutely love this, for bulk video downloads! Super easy, and works really well!

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Saami Chaudhary

A great tool. recommended 10/10 Its quick and easy !

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Max Nvt

Love the bulk and no watermark download, works very well, thanks!